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Madrid Spain magic
By Dominique White Does Madrid work magic on visitors? Without a doubt. Come winter or summer, this city engages its guests in effortlessly believing that what they see is real. How? Because every single madrileño is a magician and their spells envelop Madrid in a cloak of fascination, attracting the uninitiated with the force of collective magnetism. Madrid is a...
Ali Meehan interview with Magic of Spain
Ali Meehan is a vibrant, creative and supportive woman. She's the perfect person to connect with if you are considering a relocation to Spain. She is the founder of Costa Women, the largest, free, social and business networking community for women living in Spain and women who are looking to relocate. Ali Meehan confesses to being a serial expat....
Castellon wine route
Castellon Wine Route History Although it's impossible to know exactly when wine arrived in the Iberian Peninsula, we do know that it can be traced to at least the 7th century BC, because of archaeological finds in sites in Andalusia. However for those of you who appreciate wine, you may like to know that there is also evidence that suggests that...
Spain top carnivals
Carnival is an amazing time to visit Spain. Step off your plane or train, and come to party with the locals, understand some more of the culture and marvel at some of the antics and fascinating traditions. As you can imagine, in a country where fiestas take pride of place, these events can be rather spectacular. Carnival falls just...
Javea relocation destination spain for expats
There are many reasons for people to expatriate themselves from the country of their birth. In the case of most British expats, they haven't really renounced Great Britain, they've just removed themselves to what they believe is the best of all possible worlds. Quite often expats will find that the idea of moving to another country is much more pleasant...
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