Magic of Spain Magazine is part of the Travel Inspires brand, created by the author of Salvador Dalí at Home (release: October 2018), travel writer, Jackie de Burca.

Jackie relocated to Spain in 2003 from Dublin, Ireland. She has a degree in Pure History from Trinity College Dublin and is trained in journalism, video production and film direction with Louis Lentin.

Dalí and Gala
Photo by Narcís Sans, in Portlligat

The prestigious London publishing house, Frances Lincoln, approached Jackie to write this beautifully illustrated book about the artistic genius, Salvador Dalí, having discovered some of her work online.

The Senior Commissioning Editor sent her an email saying:

“We would like to commission someone with a connection and understanding of the places which shaped this much-loved artist to write the text and, after reading your article on the Dali triangle and seeing your obvious connection to the area, hoped you might be that person.”

This article is part of a series on her blog, Catalonia Valencia, which explores some of the artists’ routes and the effect that their environments had on them. Catalonia Valencia is also part of the Travel Inspires brand.

Magic of Spain magazine

Her fascination

Jackie is fascinated by the effect that travel, nature, the environment and culture can have on people. She believes that Travel Inspires. In fact she feels that travel and living in different cultures can increase a person’s potential and creativity. She feels that Spain has helped her personally to tap into increased creativity and deepen her connection to nature and art.


The magazine concept was born out of the success of her first blog, Catalonia Valencia, which she developed initially as a hobby in her spare time. She received wonderful feedback from visitors, many of whom discovered amazing places through reading her blog, that previously they had never heard about. Places such as Peñiscola, which she wrote about in early 2014, which has only been featured in the Sunday Times in April 2017.

Peniscola Spain spectacular spots


It was obvious to her that so many people still only knew about some of the more obvious parts of Spain, such as its famous Costas and cities, like Barcelona, Madrid and Seville. However Spain is full of magical places and experiences, that are sure to delight travellers who thirst to experience beauty, culture and diverse nature.

Magic of Spain Magazine taps into this wealth of wonderful experiences and places, some of which are less known to foreign tourists. Jackie also collaborates with other contributors to bring readers as many different flavours from Spain as she can.

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