All of these four spectacular spots have the Wow Factor for me, although in different ways. Each has its own special feeling and character.

“Each has its own “Je ne sais quot!”

1. Begur, Catalonia

I would go to Begur for the beautiful coves alone! Leave me there for a while, listening to the waves lapping as I bask in the Mediterranean sunshine. Located on the Costa Brava, approximately 50 km away from the gorgeous city of Girona, Begur is authentically stylish. It has a special blend of history, culture and gastronomic delights.

Spain beautiful places Sa Tuna BegurThe old town is full of charming character,while the natural surroundings are glorious. Lush greenery makes its way down towards the crystalline water of the sea. All of this is overlooked by Begur’s striking medieval castle.

Around the town you’ll see evidence of the Americanos, in the form of fine colonial architecture. The Americanos being the local people who returned from Cuba having made their fortunes. There’s a super fiesta that celebrates this aspect of Begur’s culture.

Begur beautiful places in Spain

2. Peñiscola, Valencian Community

In 2015 Games Of Thrones was filmed in the amazing old quarter of Peñiscola. The old medieval walls rise majestically up, as if the emerge out of the sea. This is why it’s fondly nicknamed the City in the Sea. Yet Peñiscola has a large modern part to it as well, making it yet another example of something that Spain does extremely well: blending the new with the old.

Peniscola Spain spectacular spots

Its Templar Castle and medieval walls that are enchantingly surrounded by water, were once home to Papa Luna, so the castle is a former Papal Residence.

Papa Luna was the Antipope Benedict XIII, who actually died in Peñiscola on the 23rd May 1423. Today you can buy the Papa Luna tea that legend says saved his life – it is called Tisana Papa Luna.

Peñiscola has a gorgeous old town, two flag beaches and plenty of bars and restaurants to choose from.

Peniscola Spain best places

3. Ronda, Andalucia

Ronda is one of the jewels of Andalucia. The town is situated dramatically above a deep ravine, upon a plateau, affording the most spectacular views. Ronda oozes culture, history and that Andalucian pulse…that seems to magically turn itself down quite a few notches once siesta time has arrived! The Serrania de Ronda mountains surround this wonderful town, which are the reason for its name Ronda.

Ronda Spain spectacular spots

Ronda’s old quarter has been declared a Property of Cultural Interest. Although the area was inhabited by the Celts, Phoenicians, Romans and Arabs, the town’s historic quarter is reminiscent of the Arab period.

Ronda combines this wonderful medieval layout which can be found to the south of the Guadalevín, while the more modern part of the town unfolds to the north of the river’s course.

Ronda Spain most beautiful places

4. Guadalest, Valencian Community

In a stunning location spread over a 500 metre high rock, Guadalest overlooks a reservoir, that adds to the spectacular vision of the town. It’s old quarter, which is of Arabic origin, was declared a Site of Historical and Artistic importance, in 1974.Guadalest Spain spectacular spots

Located in the province of Alicante, perfectly placed between the Sierra is of Xorta and Aitana, is where we can find the beautiful town of Guadalest. There’s no shortage of interesting sites to be seen also, the but you certainly shouldn’t miss the Castle of San José, which actually dates back to the 11th century during Muslim rule.
Guadalest Spain beautiful places
If you’re travelling during July, try to come during the first half of the month, as there’s an awful lot of cultural events going on. These include the Day of the Tourist when a giant paella is made and all tourists are welcomed, along with the residents.


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